Blogs: Can They Supercharge Your Online Presence?

Hudoff Design Staff | Published July 6, 2022 | Tag(s): Content Marketing

Blogs and content marketing have become increasingly popular over the last few years. It seems like more and more businesses have added blogs, infographics, and newsletter signups to their websites, all in hopes of keeping their brand in front of customer eyeballs. And you know what? It works! Why? Well, adding a blog to your website can:

Help keep your customers informed about your latest products and services

One of the biggest advantages of having a blog is giving your business a single stream where you can keep customers informed about your brand. With a blog, you can update customers on your latest products and services, let them know about an upcoming promotion, or just share some tips and tricks you find helpful. To expand your potential topics and number of readers, widen the scope of your blog and create content related to your business. For example, if you run a business selling car wash accessories, write some blog posts related to good car wash techniques. If you run a flower shop, write a blog post about appropriate flower and plant care. Or, if you own a sticker and label company, write some posts about good organizing habits. The goal is to create content that adds value to your customer and gives them a reason to return to your website.

Increase traffic to your website

Every marketer wants to increase traffic to their website! Well, having a blog gives your customers one more reason to click on a link leading there! Whether it’s a recipe from a food company, maintenance advice from an HVAC contractor, or design tips from an interior decorating firm, customers are constantly interacting with branded content and corporate blogs. By creating interesting, engaging content, your company can capture customer interest and redirect it to your website, leading to a higher potential for conversion and sales. If done right, your blog posts can keep your brand front and center all while providing content that your customers find valuable. When that happens, there’s great potential for readers to return and interact with your content again. This goes a long way in increasing customer loyalty and raising their overall satisfaction with your brand.

Help you promote across platforms

Everyone has days where planning content and posting on social media becomes a challenge. What should I post today? Will my post drive traffic to my website? Will it gain any traction? Well, what if you could reuse content across your social media platforms and save some time in the process? That’s the beauty of a blog! Simply post your blog content to your website and link back to it on all your social media platforms. This promotion will allow you to vary the content on your social media channels, all while driving traffic to your latest blog posts. The more platforms you post the link to, the broader the audience reached and the better your SEO (search engine optimization)!

Boost your search engine rankings

Speaking of SEO, did you know that having a robust library of blog content can actually help boost your website in search engine rankings organically? That’s because search engines favor websites and search terms with more high quality links leading back to them. The larger the quantity of reputable links leading back to it, the higher the website or search term appears in the results. By creating new pages with relevant, high-quality keywords and SEO tags and cross posting those pages to your official social media channels, you can organically grow your search engine rankings, all without spending a penny on any other SEO! Better yet, customers searching for similar search terms or businesses are more likely to run across your website and blog content when browsing the web.

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